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Sun Yong Met with Helen Prins from International Tin Association

Date:April 12, 2023

On the morning of April 12, Sun Yong, Chairman of YTG, met with Helen Prins, CEO ofInternational Tin Association Ltd. (ITA), and others from ITA.. The two sides exchanged views on the development of tin industry, the future development and the important role of both sides in the tin industry.

Sun Yong appreciated the attention and support from ITA to us. He noted  that Yunnan Tin, as the world's largest tin producer and supplier, is always open and willing to communicate. Ecological protection and sustainable development of the industry are given priority by Yunnan Tin. Yunnan Tin also commits itself to the reform and development of the industry and itself, applying advanced digital ideas to the building of green mines and the upgrading of smelting techniques, topromote high quality development in an all-round way. He mentioned that ITAis the only industry association dedicating to the development of tin industry in the world. Yunnan Tin hopes ITAcreate more communication opportunities for upstream tin production enterprises, downstream customers and application fields, giving full play to the role of the industry association platform.Yunnan TIn is willing to communicate and cooperate with enterprises around the world, whether it is in the tin industry or not.

As an indispensable metal variety in the future economic development, there will bee a wider application prospect for tin, Sun Yong said. It is hoped that both sides canstrengthen cooperation and exchange so as to promote the sustainable development of the industry and the stability of the tin supply chain. Sun Yong invited Heln Prince and others from ITA to visit Yunnan Tin again, to communicate more and deeply.

Helen Prins expressed her gratitude to Yunnan Tin for the wonderful arrangement for their visit.It was the first time for her to visit the member of ITA, since she worked for ITA. Itwas also the first time for her to visit the site of tin production. She said that Yunnan Tin plays an vital role in the tin industry, so it must be the first stop for visiting. During this visit,, they saw the advancement of production techniques of Yunnan Tin and its great investment  in environmental protection. She felt the openness and willingness of Yunnan Tin to exchange and share. China, as an important big country of tin production and consumption, and Yunnan Tin, as a largest enterprise in the world withthe strongest technological equipment and the most complete industrial chain, are both important components of  international tin industry. In the future,  high-level visits and business exchanges between ITA and its memberswill be further strenghthened..

The two sides also exchanged views on the "Tin 2030" plan and 2024 International Tin Conference.