We unswervingly implement the concepts of “Put people and life above everything else” and Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.”,being a model on safety and environmental protection in nonferrous industry. We highly valuethe protective development and utilization of resources, vigorously promoting new technologies such as pre-selection and waste discarding, secondary resource utilization and low-grade resource utilization, tofully improve the level of resource conservation and recycling. Sticking to the basic target of “Zero Death, Zero Injury and Zero Accident”, we fully implemented the “15 Tough Measures on Safety Production” and 69 specific measures made byYunnan Province for safety production,and carried out special investigation and rectification on major potential accidents to keep the safety production stable. What’s more, land reclamation and greening and geological environment governance were carried out, which brought the survival rate of reclamation over 95%. We also actively respond to the national call of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, with acceleration of the green and environment-friendly transformation of production mode, maintainence of the  smelting techniquesof tin, copper, zinc and indiumleading in the industry, and promotion of zero discharge of waste water, ultra-clean emission  of waste gas, complete utilization of waste residues and comprehensive control of noise, to promote the harmonious coexistence of production activities and the natural environment, proctecting lucid waters and lush mountains.


We strive to build a harmonious and symbiotic relationship among society, the public and enterprises in the new period, with taxation paid to the government, rewards given to investors, feedback to the society, development assistance to the surrounding areas and growth aided to employees. With focus on strengthening the strategic cooperative partnership with scientific research institutes, industry associations and  institutions and important business friends, wecreate value for all partners in the industrial chain and build a healthy “ecosystem” of the whole industrial chain. We carry the responsibility of maintaining and stabilizing industrial chain a state-owned backbone enterprise and the leading enterprise in the industry supposed to do in the face of major emergencies to ensure the safety of industrial chain and supply chain of tin industry. Adhering to the principle of “striver-oriented”, we’vebuilt a double-channel career development system of “management + specialty” and a multi-level broadband salary system, and upgraded the market-based salary distribution mechanism of “ value creation”, to share the fruits of reform and development. We’vc also devoted to  charity and rural revitalization, trying our best to serve the society and give back to the people's livelihood. We’ve won the title of “Caring for the Future Enterprise”. In addition, we’ve consolidated and expanded the effective connection betweenthe achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. Through infrastructure construction, industrial support, education support and paired assistance,, We helped Lvchun, an rural county in Yunnan Province, develop its industry and people of it make money, making contributions to the rural revitalization.


We further promote high-quality and comprehensive development, and enhance core competitiveness and functions, to comprehensively build “trans-cycle sustainable and counter-cycle adjustable” development capacity . Focus on resource safety, we promote the expansion of tin-based polymetallic resources in all respects, with base in Yunnan and reaching out to other parts of China and other countries., , and strive to build an important integrated development platform of nonferrous metal resources in Yunnan Province. We strive to make the international and domestic "dual circulation" of tin products unobstracted, and build a global supply network and sales platform. The growth rates of import and export volume of us have been in the first place in Yunnan Province for many years.  Yunnan Tin Co., Ltd., the listed company of us, was selected as “Leading Enterprise on World-class Specialty Building” by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of the People's Republic of China (SASAC). Besides, we highly value social responsibility management. Our ESG governance has reached a new level, many cases of which have been selected as excellent cases of SASAC . Our ESG report won the authoritative rating of “4.5stars” for the first time and ranked 21st in the Vanguard Index of SASAC. Through such platforms as 5th World Media Summit, London Nonferrous Metals Forum, Asia Tin Week, and Yunnan State-owned Assets and State-owned Enterprises ESG Sustainable Development Action Press Conference,, “Mission, Green, Responsibility and Governance” of Yunnan Tin are spread.