Yuntinic Resource, Inc.

Date:January 29, 2024

Founded in January 10, 2003, Yuntinic Resources, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yunnan Tin Co. Ltd. with the registration location in CA of the United States. The main business of the company is offering high quality Tin Metals, Tin profiles, Tin Chemicals, Tin Solder, Alloy, Indium Ingot, bismuth ingot and lead ingot. The products include ASTM Standard Grade A tin, low lead and ultra high purity tin, four nine tin (Sn99.99%), and five nine tin (Sn99.999%), as well as Organotin (Methyl tin Stabilizer) and other Inorganic tin Chemicals. In addition to our high quality product offerings, we remains committed to providing exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

Company Address: 2050 Pioneer Court, San Mateo,CA 94403

Tel: (650) 312-9282 Fax:(650) 312-9286