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China Enfi Engineering Corporation hopes go hand by hand with YTC
Date:Apr 16, 2008 12:00 AM

In April 1st,the General Manager ofChina Enfi Engineering Corporation,Mr. Lu Zhifang and his party came to YTC to discuss the cooperation affairs. The Vice General Manager of Yunnan Tin Group Company Ltd., Mr. Lan Xu and the Vice Manager of YunnanTin Company Ltd., Mr. Gu Helin presented this meeting. Mr. Lu hopes that they can strengthen cooperation with YTC Company, then make more progress both.

China Enfi Engineering Corporationalways has well relationship and couples of cooperation programs with YTC Company; at this moment Enfi corporation is doing the facility equip design for YTC’s 100 thousand tons lead program.

Mr. Lan said, Enfi corporations always keep a high level incounterparts of China, and Enfi is a very trusted designingcompany for YTC. As YTC is in a period of rapid developmentnow, there are many programs to be accomplished, Mr. Lan hope Enfi will continuously improve their designings and innovate their designing concept to meet customers’ new requirements.

YTC’s 100 thousand tons lead program is carrying on, and Enfi Corporation is in charge of the main designing of thisitem, therefore both parties shall enhance each other’s

communication. Mr. Gu hope Enfi corporations will step up on designing to catch up with this program’s schedule. And Mr. Gu required Enfi’s design would be fully considering the climate characteristics of the south, to solve the existing problems, perfect the design and minimize the mistakes as well.

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