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Vice Secretary of Finance, Han Ying admired Yunnan Tin Company’s corporate culture
Date:May 20, 2008 12:00 AM

On May 13th, vice secretary of finance, Han Ying and deputy director ofprovincial financial authority, Hu Lingpu with their party visited Tin Museum of Yunnan. Vice general manager of Yunnan Tin Group Company, Wang Jihong gave a brief introduction of Yunnan Tin Group Company’s reform and development in recent years to Han and the party. Vice secretary, Ms. Han visited each exhibition hall of the Museum. She had great interests in distribution of tin resources, prospecting, excavation, ore dressing, and smelting; and knew some of the general info. Yunnan Tin Company worked hard tofollow the scientific concept of development, implement technological transformation, develop intensive processing, extend the industrial chain, as well as energy conservation and pollution reduction;vice secretary, Ms. Han highly admired YT’s works mentioned above. And she said Yunnan Tin Company’s profound corporate culture established soft power for its future developing.

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