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SPMC advocate The Olympic Torch Relaying
Date:Jun 30, 2008 12:00 AM

After Sino-Platinum Metals Catalyst Company’s senior engineer and production department director, Huan Yuanfeng became the torch bearer of Olympic and joined the torch relay of Kunming Station, and as Beijing 2008 Olympics’ coming, SPMC Company organized all the staffs to join the torch relay activity which titled “Relay Olympic torch, light-up SPMC’s passion” on June 23rd, 2008 for strengthening staffs’ understanding of Olympic spirit.

9.30 am followed, SPMC’s torch relaying started in everyone’sexpecting. The Olympic torch bearer Huan Yuanfeng was in torch bearer’s suit and run to the torch

relaying troop, and passed the “Lucky Cloud” Torch to SPMC’s Chairman Qian Lin;

it symbolized Olympic dream and Olympic spirit passed to SPMC.

All the staff of SPMC appreciate “Lucky Cloud” torch, and felt the Olympic spirit“higher, faster, and stronger” together. All the staffs passed the torch in full of passion and joy. The torch relaying was carried out in different manners and

poses. All the people in placecheered forChina, for Olympic, and also for SPMC


After the ceremonial finished, the chairman, Qian Lin hoped the allthe staffs couldbe full ofenthusiasm in future work, enhance teamwork spirit and enterprise's

cohesive force and made great progress with enterprise under such international


After this, the staffs were still embrace the “Lucky Cloud” torch and sent their best wishes toChina, to Olympics and to SPMC Company.

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