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Date:Apr 24, 2008 12:00 AM

Molecular formula:SnCl4

Molecular weight:260.528

Property description: clear colorless transparent liquid


%SnCl4 99.9Min.

CHLORINE: 50 ppm Max.

LEAD: 20 ppm Max.

IRON: 50 ppm Max.

ANTIMONY: 60 ppm Max.

ARSENIC: 100 ppm Max.

COPPER: 10 ppm Max.

Applications: used as one of the raw materials to produce organo tins; also used as reagent in chemical analysis, dehydrator in synthesis of organic compounds; an sweet stabilizer for soap making; a turpentine stabilizer in the producing of additives used for lubricating oil of diesel engine; also used in the processing of glass to make surface of glass a conductance surface as well as a wearable surface.

Packaging: packed in iron drums or steel cylinder of500kg,1000kgor2000kgnet each. Other packaging is also available upon request.

Handling and Storage: corrosive liquid. Collision during handling and transportation should be always prohibited. Always handle this product with care to prevent package from breaking.Avoid contact with skin or mucous membrane. Flush with plenty of water if it comes into contact with skin.

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