About YTG

Since 1883

Yunnan Tin Group (Holding) Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as YTG) is a century-old state-owned company with a history of 139 years. YTG is a leading company in global tin industry with a vertical industrial pattern integrating exploration, mining, dressing, smelting, deep processing of such non-ferrous metal resources as tin, zinc, cooper and indium, as well as research and development of new materials and trade.

YTG is a vice president unit of China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association, the president unit of China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association Tin Branch, and a member of the Board of International Tin Association.

YTG owns a listed company mainly engaged in tin with tin production, processing and export bases, having an integrated whole industrial chain in global tin industry from exploration and mining to high-end products research and development, the exclusive re-export policy of imported tin processing in China’s tin industry and a sound global sales network in global tin industry.

YTG has unique resource advantages that the reserves of tin and indium top the global rankings. In addition, YTGhas unique proprietary technology advantages, with 2 awards of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and over 100 scientific and technological awards at ministerial and provincial level or above. The comprehensive technical advantages of the whole industrial chain are very prominent. With unique market and brand advantages, the sales volume of YTG’s tin products accounts for half of the domestic market and a quarter of the global market.  

In 2021, YTG ranked 334th among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, 154th among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises and 23rd among the top 50 Chinese non-ferrous metals industry.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan Period, the scale and profitability of YTGhad increased steadily and the operating income increased by nearly 150 billion yuan compared with that during 12th Five-Year Plan Period. The profit increased year by year, and the revenue and profit basically doubled, among which the profit of non-ferrous metal main business had remained over 1 billion yuan for 4 consecutive years since 2017.

During 14th Five-Year Plan Period, the new development stage, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, YTG will put into practice the guidelines of all previous meetings of the Party.  

Under the strong leadership of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Government and based on the new stage of development, YTG will commit to the new development philosophy completely, accurately and comprehensively that master the positioning and responsibility of YTG in the layout of rare strategic metals in Yunnan and even the country and earnestly implement the requirements of reshaping the new advantages of non-ferrous industry in Yunnan Province.

With the mission of Bravely being a Pillar of the Country  and Recreating the Glory of YTG and the vision of Becoming Chain Master of the Whole Industrial Chain of Global Tin and Indium Industry, YTG will stick to the strategic positioning of being The Important Platform for the Integration and Development of Non-ferrous Metal Resources in Yunnan Province and The Leader in the Industry of High-End Non-ferrous Metal Raw Materials and Deep Processing of New Materials in Yunnan Province and the development ideal that Green Intelligence Reinforcing Weak Links in the Chain, Deep Processing Extending the Chain and  Reform and Innovation Upgrading the Chain, to promote the coordination of the whole industrial chain operation, the increase of the whole value chain efficiency and the connotative endogenous growth , and further establish the leading position of YTG in the global tin industry.

In the aspect of Green Intelligence Reinforcing Weak Links in the Chain, mature industries will be improved through Digital YTG construction and Greenization, Intelligentization and Digitalization Increasing Efficiency reform, green, intelligent and digital transformation and upgrade of the whole industrial chain will be accelerated, and cross-border coupling between non-ferrous metals industry and new energy will be promoted based on photovoltaic power generation in tailing ponds.

In terms of Deep Processing Extending the Chain, with focus on national needs, YTG will speed up the breakthrough of key technologies of tin and indium new materials and substitute industrial chain and supply chain import for technological breakthroughs, and make every effort to create invisible champion products with high technology, high added value and high growth, so as to form a strategic emerging industry scale of over 10 billion yuan driven by business investment and scientific and technological innovation.

In terms of Reform and Innovation Upgrading the Chain, through work style revolution and efficiency revolution, YTG  will accelerate the building of a value-oriented, efficiency-oriented and service-oriented headquarter, promote all-round market-oriented reform, and fully mobilize internal and external innovation resources to build an innovation ecosystem of tin and indium whole industrial chain integrating technological research and development, achievements transformation and market application.

By taking the measures above, YTG will move forward to truly become the chain master of the whole industrial chain and supply chain of global tin and indium industry.